Allergies Common Among Asthmatics | News Brief

Allergies appear to be common among adults with asthma, according to findings from a national survey. The study found that 75.4% of people with asthma aged 20 to 40 and 65.2% of those aged 55 and older reported sensitization to at least one allergen.

Abstract: Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, April 2013.

  • SJNMom says:

    The public needs more education re airborne allergies. It’s interesting that if there is one person on a plane with a peanut allergy you are warned by the flight attendant not to open anything with peanuts and the usual peanuts will not be served.

    Yet, animals are allowed on the airplane regularly now as more and more folks have their animals declared service. I’ve recently been on flights with large dogs and one (Virgin) with about 6 or 7 dogs-I wondered about the kids with allergic asthma on the flight.

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