Healthcare Reform


Breaking Down Avoidable Healthcare Costs

Around $213 billion was spent on avoidable healthcare costs in the United States in 2012.


Why Don’t Hospitalized Elderly Patients Walk? | Guest Blog

I'll tell you why. Medical staff are too busy documenting unnecessary garbage in the electronic medical record. But don't worry, the unresponsive comatose patient was documented to having received smoking cessation counseling.

Why I Left Academic Medicine | Guest Blog

The position of surgical chairman in a community teaching hospital is like that of a football referee. At any given time, half your constituency is not happy with you.

Say it Ain’t So, HIPAA! | Medical Blog

So what’s the problem? It’s the doctors. Asking doctors for their email address is taken to be as brash as asking for their credit card number or their wife’s cell phone number.

Physician Turnover Rate Hits New High | Medical Blog

Following suit with stock prices and home sales, physician turnover rate is rising, reaching the highest rate since 2005 and exceeding pre-recession levels. According to the 8th … Read More

67% of Hospitals Face Readmission Penalties | Medical Blog

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ new policy that penalizes hospitals for excessive readmissions will have an unexpected consequence: Two-thirds of U.S. hospitals will receive penalties … Read More

New Rules for Paying MDs Proposed in NY | Guest Blog

A new rule proposed by a NYC hospital system would base MD pay raises on 13 quality indicators. You will be surprised to learn that I have an opinion.

4 in 10 Docs Cave in to Brand-Name Drug Demands | Medical Blog

Even when generic drugs are available, approximately 4 of 10 physicians in practice more than 30 years “sometimes or often” give in to patients’ demands for brand-name … Read More

Do EMRs Make Documentation Too Easy? | Guest Blog

There are many risky unintended consequences of EMRs, and over-documentation may be one of them.

ERs Go Mobile with Reservations | Medical Blog

More than 100 hospital emergency departments are borrowing an idea from the restaurant industry: online reservations. Additional concierge services such as mobile apps for wait times make … Read More

Top 10 Physician Burnout Triggers | Guest Blog

Being a doctor is a privilege, but sometimes the pressures can turn the nicest doc into a jerk.Here is my Top 10 list of things that make me feel symptoms of burnout.

Survey Says: 86% of Docs’ Income is “Flat or Declining” | Medical Blog

A recent survey from the Physician’s Foundation revealed a snapshot of what physicians are thinking in 2012 about the practice of medicine, their career plans, and the … Read More

Medical Technology: Dangerous Curves Ahead | Medical Blog

Rather than fighting the inevitable, PCPs should carve out a new role in patient care that addresses the weaknesses of MinuteClinics and computerized care.

Obama vs Romney on Healthcare in First Debate | Medical Blog

  President Obama and Mitt Romney made some swift punches on healthcare in the first presidential debate Wednesday night. Healthcare was officially allotted 15 minutes in the … Read More

Health IT: Patients Ready, Docs Lagging | Medical Blog

The failure to recognize the gap in Health IT readiness between physicians and patients threatens to widen healthcare disparities.

In the Political Healthcare Debate, the Patients Always Lose | Guest Blog

The "us vs. them" mentality of the healthcare reform debate is playing the power game with the lives of my patients.

Physician-Authored Book Addresses Transparency in Healthcare | Medical Blog

An urgent call to make our healthcare more transparent, more democratic, and safer for patients.

How to Lower 30-Day Hospital Readmission Rates | Guest Blog

The solution is quite simple — let the patients die.

NPs Practicing Independently? AAFP Says No | Medical Blog

The idea of advanced practice nurses directing primary care practices on their own without a physician on staff has been a hot topic of discussion lately among … Read More

10 Ways to Make EMR Meaningful and Useful | Guest Blog

What would make EMR truly meaningful rather than just creating more hoops for me to jump through? Here's my dream list.

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