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Elective Major Orthopedic Surgery in Octogenarians

The rate of elective major orthopedic surgical procedures in patients aged 80 and older appears to be increasing, and overall adverse event rates are low. These procedures could be offered to this patient group as long as candidates are willing to accept the slightly higher risks.

Hip Fracture in Older Adults

As life expectancy continues to increase in the United States, the number of elderly people and those with chronic health conditions like osteo­porosis is also rising. The number of people older than 65 is expected to increase from 37.1 million to 77.2 million by the year 2040.…

Knee & Hip Arthroplasties: Analyzing the Obesity Effect

The growth in total knee arthroplasty volume has outpaced that of total hip arthroplasty among Americans who are obese and overweight. If obesity rates continue to climb, the magnitude of this effect will become increasingly problematic.

“Doctor Shopping” After Orthopedic Trauma

Postoperative “doctor shopping” for narcotic providers appears to be common among orthopedic trauma patients. Surgeons are recommended to prescribe these potent drugs with great care and vigilance to minimize risks for abuse, dependence, and other adverse events.

Comparing Approaches to ACL Tears

Value-based medicine has gained more attention in recent years, leading many providers and healthcare systems to focus on the cost effectiveness of services they offer. This focus is important in orthopedic surgery, where procedures like anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction have high costs but can also potentially improve quality of life and functional ability.…

The Impact of Obesity on Total Knee Arthroplasty

New data show that severely obese patients who undergo total knee arthroplasty appear to have longer hospital stays and higher costs than non-obese patients. This observed effect appears to be independent of obesity-related comorbid conditions and complications.


Paralyzed Surgeon Overcomes the Odds to Re-enter the OR

After a devastating health diagnosis, major spinal surgery and paralysis from the waist down, no one would have blamed Ted Rummel, DO, if he had decided to retire and lead a low-key life. But a lot of people would have been surprised, most of all Dr.…

Limb Lengthening – Video Highlight

A doctor takes his patients to great new heights—by breaking their legs. National Geographic presents a video on the taboo procedure of limb lengthening.

Source: National Geographic…

New Guidelines on Osteoporosis in Men

This week, the Endocrine Society issued guidelines on managing osteoporosis in men. Published in the June 1, 2012 issue of Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, the guidelines recommend the following:

Men at increased risk for osteoporosis should be tested by measurement of bone mineral density (BMD).…

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