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Practice Management

A Critical View of Low-Value Medical Care

To reduce low-value care, it is important that clinical care become patient-centered and cost-conscious within a framework of evidence-based practice.

The ED’s Expanding Role in Hospital Admissions

Admitting patients to hospitals is generally the most expensive decision that physicians can make.

Improving Collaboration Between Emergency Physicians & Hospitalists

As hospital care is increasingly being driven by emergency physicians and hospitalists, ongoing collaboration between these entities is vital to enhancing patient care, education, and quality and safety outcomes.


The True Costs of Alienating Patients

There is a strong correlation between the billing and collections experience and loyalty to providers. Focusing on patient satisfaction fulfills the essential mission of healthcare and makes business sense.


More Docs Denying Sales Rep Access

A new report from the global sales and marketing consulting firm ZS Associates indicates that—despite signs of leveling off—pharmaceutical sales rep access to physicians continues to steadily decline. Data on more than 240,00 prescribers showed that only 51% of  physicians/prescribers allow access to sales reps in 2014, down from 55% in 2013, from 65% in 2012, and 78% in 2009.…

Capture the Critical Driver of Your Practice’s Financial Success: Physician Time

Pop Quiz: What were you doing during the financial presentation at your last board meeting?…

Surprising Results of Three Studies

I like studies that question accepted practices. I also like to question studies that question accepted practices. [See this post about discrediting discredited practices.]

Here are three studies with surprising and thought-provoking results.

A few years ago, the idea of rapid response teams surfaced.…

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