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Free CME Here, Get Your Free CME!

Free CME Here, Get Your Free CME! | Guest Blog

For physicians practicing in most states (what gives, Indiana?), obtaining continuing medical education credits is a necessity, like it or not. For license registration, 54 boards require anywhere from 12 hours (Alabama) to 50 hours (a few states) of CME per year.…

What Happens if You Break Non-Competes?

What Happens if You Break Non-Competes? | Medical Blog

"In many jurisdictions, courts will not enforce non-compete agreements that are unreasonable or where the threat of damage to business interests is not adequately defined. "

Gauging Physician Misery

Gauging Physician Misery | Medical Blog

The rate of burnout continues among doctors, according to a survey conducted by Geneia, the healthcare technology and clinical solutions firm. The most alarming stat is their Nationwide Physician Misery Index is 3.7 out of 5.

The culprits of burnout appear to remain the same: bureaucracy, too many hours and appointments, unsatisfactory income, effects of the ACA, and the quality care and time with patients.…

Preventing Duplicate Laboratory Testing

Preventing Duplicate Laboratory Testing | Feature

A study has found that computerized physician order entry systems can help clinicians avoid duplicate laboratory ordering for patients. Using these systems may help save healthcare dollars and increase patient satisfaction and well-being.

Why Silicon Valley Should Embrace Doctors

Why Silicon Valley Should Embrace Doctors | Feature

"While many software and data healthcare businesses succeed, their success depreciates because they have not captured their end users of their products."

When Surgery Requires a Physician Assistant

When Surgery Requires a Physician Assistant | Opinion Article

In collaboration with 15 specialty surgical organizations, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) has published and released its seventh edition of Physicians as Assistants at Surgery. The report is meant to provide guidance to CMS and third-party payors on how often an operation might require the use of a physician as an assistant.…

Are Your Patients Self-Diagnosing?

Are Your Patients Self-Diagnosing? | Opinion Article

ACS 2014: Checklists for Surgical Patient Handoffs | Opinion Article

The Particulars: Previous research has found that implementing a shift change protocol called PACT—which stands for Priority, Admissions, Changes, and Task Review—enables surgical residents to complete more tasks and learn more about patients on morning rounds. Use of a checklist may enhance the PACT protocol.…

ACEP 14: Triage-Leveling & ED Crowding | Opinion Article

The Particulars: Triage classification systems commonly assign five levels to patients. In these systems, level 1 and 2 patients are often given priority for ED bed assignment and level 4 and 5 patients are seen in designated locations. The throughput and utilization characteristics of level 3 patients remain unclear in comparison to patients with other triage levels.…

ACEP 14: Outcomes With High-Risk Care Plans | Opinion Article

The Particulars: High-risk care plans are increasingly being used to assist in the management of patients who are big users of ED resources. However, little is known about the outcomes obtained with these plans in a real-world setting.

Data Breakdown: In a study, researchers analyzed data on high utilizers of ED services who had been seen for 6 months prior to and 6 months after the implementation of a high-risk care plan.…

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