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Curing Diseases with a Cell – Video

Curing Diseases with a Cell – Video

Current medical treatment boils down to six words: Have disease. Take pill. Kill something. Siddhartha Mukherjee points to a future of medicine that will transform the way we heal.

Source: TED…

Doctor Curmudgeon® : “I Flunked the ICD-10 Test”

Doctor Curmudgeon® : “I Flunked the ICD-10 Test” | Medical Blog

By Doctor Curmudgeon®


How could this be?

I took this stupid test that I had to take for ICD-10…and I flunked!

Doctor Curmudgeon® does not flunk exams.

Maybe she doesn’t always get an “A.”

But she always passes. Always.

Well, you didn’t pass, was the little note on the stupid thing sent to my email.…

No Life Limited by Pain 2015 | Medical Blog

New research was presented at No Life Limited by Pain 2015, the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Management, from September 17 to 20 in National Harbor, MD. The features below highlight some of the studies that emerged from the conference.…

CME: Opioid Use in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain

CME: Opioid Use in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain | CME Activity

The management of chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP)—defined as pain lasting beyond 3 months—has emerged as a significant challenge for healthcare providers throughout the United States. In recent years, some studies have suggested that opioids can be taken safely to manage several CNCP conditions for long periods of time and with few severe problems as long as they are well-selected.…

CME: Mental Health & Diabetes

CME: Mental Health & Diabetes | CME Activity

When mental health comorbidities of diabetes go undiagnosed and untreated, there can be significant consequences for patients. Efforts are needed to better identify and treat patients with diabetes with mental health comorbidities.

Counseling Young Adults With Hypertension

Counseling Young Adults With Hypertension | Feature

A study suggests that not enough young adults with incident hypertension receive documented lifestyle education information from their healthcare providers. Interventions are needed to overcome barriers to providing lifestyle education to more patients.

Unprofessional Medical Staff Behavior

Unprofessional Medical Staff Behavior | Feature

University of Pennsylvania researchers have developed a structured approach to defining and managing unprofessional behavior. The lessons learned may be applicable to help healthcare systems nationwide improve their current management practices.

Diabetes Prevalence Continues to Rise | News Brief

The prevalence of diabetes appears to have increased in the United States and in all subgroups of Americans evaluated in a study from 1988-1994 to 2011-2012. During the study period, the overall prevalence increased from 9.8% to 12.4%. Diabetes prevalence increased significantly in every age group, both genders, and every racial and ethnic group.…

Resuscitation Training Improves Outcomes | News Brief

A statewide educational intervention on resuscitation training appears to have increased the proportion of patients who received bystander-initiated CPR and defibrillation by first responders. The combination of bystander CPR and first responder defibrillation increased from 14.1% before the intervention to 23.1% after.…

10 Signs of Child Trafficking in Medical Care

10 Signs of Child Trafficking in Medical Care | Feature

A critical summary of screening and intervention techniques all health professionals should be aware of.

Human trafficking is often thought of as an issue faced by other countries, but is estimated that between 100,000 and 300,000 children in the U.S. are affected.…


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