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Skeptical Scalpel

68% of Physicians Unsatisfied with Affordable Care Act

The mean average grade the Affordable Care Act received by nearly 2,700 physicians in a recent survey was a "D."

What Happens When a Doctor Is Paged

You've been paged at home. You respond immediately but are placed on hold. Indefinitely. Has this happened to you?



Does Lowering Speed Limits Save Lives?

New York City's new speed limit undoubtedly lets the politicians and maybe the public feel that they are doing something about traffic fatalities.

Publishing Ratings for Airline Pilots?

Scores, hours, and passenger ratings should then be publicly available and linked to airline ticket booking sites. This would enable passengers to select flights based on the skills of pilots.

Gladwell: Any College Grad Can Be a Cardiac Surgeon

Instead of evidence, Gladwell replied, "I have a very low opinion of the difficulty of cardiac surgery" and equated the complexity of cardiac surgery with that of driving a car.

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