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Skeptical Scalpel

68% of Physicians Unsatisfied with Affordable Care Act

The mean average grade the Affordable Care Act received by nearly 2,700 physicians in a recent survey was a "D."

What Happens When a Doctor Is Paged

You've been paged at home. You respond immediately but are placed on hold. Indefinitely. Has this happened to you?



Anesthesiologists Are Having a Bad Year

"About the only thing this anesthesiologist allegedly didn't do was tell a child that the Tooth Fairy isn't real."

Live Broadcast Surgery: Would You Be the Patient?

If most surgeons would not allow live broadcast surgery on themselves or family, then why should any patient be subjected to it?

Following Guidelines Will Not Create Safe Harbor

Many Senators and members of the House have law degrees. Lawyers are not going to hinder their colleagues from pursuing malpractice suits with any law like this one.

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