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68% of Physicians Unsatisfied with Affordable Care Act

The mean average grade the Affordable Care Act received by nearly 2,700 physicians in a recent survey was a "D."

What Happens When a Doctor Is Paged

You've been paged at home. You respond immediately but are placed on hold. Indefinitely. Has this happened to you?



Medicare Spends a Lot Unnecessarily

"Why does Medicare pay for all these unnecessary tests and drugs? Office visits and routine blood work every 6 months seem easy enough to identify and squelch."

Allegations of the 1960s: A Throwback Surgeon?

"The story has not appeared in any mainstream media, but the filed complaint (allegedly) didn't miss too many human resources hot buttons."

Surgery in Space: I Foresee Problems

The plan is to train the astronauts to perform minimally invasive robotic surgery on each other. What could go wrong?

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