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ASCO 2014

New research is being presented at ASCO 2014, the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting, from May 30 to June 3 in Chicago.

Meeting Highlights

Improving Prostate Cancer Screening [1]

Pillars4Life Online Intervention Improves QOL in Cancer Patients [2]

Discussing Clinical Trials With Lung & Colorectal Cancer Patients [3]

Perceptions on Novel Prostate Cancer Technology [4]

Assessing Mobile Apps in Oncology [5]

Assessing Prostate Cancer Incidence Rates [6]

Patients’ Actual Vs Preferred Decision-Making Roles [7]

Tobacco Cessation in Cancer Patients [8]

Second Malignancies After Prostate Cancer Treatment [9]

Discussing Costs of Cancer Care Under the ACA [10]

Practice Changing: Drug Preserves Fertility During Chemo [11]

Low-Dose Radiation Okay in Some HPV-positive Head and Neck Cancers [12]

Breast Cancer With Bone Mets: Less Zoledronic Acid Is Fine [13]

Palliative Care: It’s for Caregivers Too, Says Study [14]

Ramucirumab Hailed for Marginal Benefit in Lung Cancer [15]

New Targeted Drug Highly Effective in Advanced Thyroid Cancer [16]

Practice-Changing Results for Metastatic Prostate Cancer [17]

ASCO Sounds Alarm on Declining Federally Funded Research [18]

Bevacizumab, Cetuximab Have Similar Survival Benefits in CRC

Two Major Trials: AIs Work in Premenopausal Breast Cancer Too [19]

Targeted Drug Combo Improves Outcomes in Ovarian Cancer [20]


News From the Meeting

A ‘Home Run’ in Prostate Cancer Tx [21]

Biologic Agents Plus Chemo Equal in Colon Ca [22]

Aromasin Better for Young Breast Ca Survivors [23]

Time to Change Lung Ca Surrogate Endpoint? [24]

Lenvatinib Slows Resistant Thyroid Ca [25]

Cyramza Boosts Survival in NSCLC [26]

Ibrutinib Proves Its Mettle in CLL [27]

OK to Cut Back on Bone Mets Therapy [28]

Early Palliation in Ca Patients Eases Caregiver Burden [29]

Drug Helps Save Fertility in Breast Ca [30]

OK to Stop Statins in Terminal Illness [31]

Myeloma Studies Presented at ASCO [32]

50 Years of Progress, More to Come [33]


More From ASCO 2014!

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Travel, Shuttle, & Chicago Information [38]

Networking Opportunities [39]

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Abstracts [41]

Patient & Public Information [42]

Pre-Annual Meeting Seminars [43]

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