Alzheimer’s Disease


Findings to Help Radiologists ID Zika Virus Infection at Imaging

Similar brain abnormalities seen in confirmed and presumed congenital Zika infections


Conference Highlights: AAIC 2016 | Feature

New research was presented at AAIC 2016, the annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, from July 22 to 28 in Toronto. The features below highlight some of the


Alzheimer’s Could Stem From Infections, New Study Suggests | Feature

Could it be that Alzheimer’s disease stems from the toxic remnants of the brain’s attempt to fight off infection? New research by a team of investigators at

Free CME
Free CME

Free CME Here, Get Your Free CME! | Medical Blog

For physicians practicing in most states (what gives, Indiana?), obtaining continuing medical education credits is a necessity, like it or not. For license registration, 54 boards require


Disability Among the Elderly | Medical Blog

The following depicts the population aged 65 and older by number of disabilities and age, based on data from 2008 to 2012.

medicine 2064
medicine 2064

Medicine 2064 | Medical Blog

Medicine 2064 With Dr. Daniel Kraft Curing half of the world’s known cancers, granting movement to the paralyzed, preventing Alzheimer’s. Visionary medical expert Dr. Daniel Kraft believes


Linking Vitamin D to Dementia | Medical Blog

Adults who were moderately deficient or severely deficient in vitamin D had a 53% and 125% increased risk of developing dementia, respectively, in the largest study examining


Actor Seth Rogen’s Senate Hearing on Alzheimer’s Research | Medical Blog

Actor/Director Seth Rogen appeared on Capitol Hill recently to speak before the Senate Committee on Appropriations about the rising costs of Alzheimer’s disease on Americans, and to address the

ACS 2013: Examining Hospital Readmission Rate Data | Medical Blog

The Particulars: Medicare reduces compensation rates for hospitals with high readmission rates. However, many hospitals can only track same-hospital readmissions. It has not been established if same-hospital

Assessing Alzheimer’s Mortality | Medical Blog

A report from the Alzheimer’s Association has found that deaths from Alzheimer’s disease have risen substantially since 2000.

APA Leaders Defend DSM-5 | Medical Blog

SAN FRANCISCO — The fifth edition of the “psychiatrist’s bible” was officially released here in all its 947-page glory, with its developers offering a spirited rebuttal to

AAN 2013: Add-On Drug May Improve Memory in Moderate Alzheimer’s | Medical Blog

A new drug may improve memory problems in people with moderate Alzheimer’s disease, according to a phase IIa study released today that will be presented at the

Delirium Among Hospitalized AD Patients: The Long-Term Impact | Feature

Little attention has been paid to the consequences of delirium on cognitive deterioration among patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Managing Delirium Among Elderly Patients in the ED | Feature

Studies suggest that emergency physicians are often challenged by identifying and diagnosing delirium in older patients. Gaining a better understanding of delirium may help emergency physicians improve the management of these elderly patients.

A New Alzheimer Disease Biomarker? | News Brief

Visinin-like protein-1 (VILIP-1) and VILIP-1/ Aβ42—potential cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) markers of neuronal injury—appear to predict the rate of global cognitive decline similarly to tau and tau/Aβ42, markers

Assessing Medical Decision-Making Capacity | Feature

New research shows that incapacity to make medical decisions appears to be common and is often not recognized by physicians. Several instruments are available to assist physicians in assessing medical decision-making capacity.

Call to Action Encourages Screenings for Abuse & Violence | News Brief

The American Academy of Neurology has issued a position statement calling for clinicians to screen patients for abusive or violent treatment by family members, caregivers, and/or others.

A New Look at Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease | Feature

For the first time in nearly 3 decades, the clinical diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have been revised, giving clinicians more advanced guidelines for moving forward with research on diagnosis and treatment.

An Innovative Model for Dementia Care | Opinion Article

A new collaborative model of care uses standard protocols to initiate treatment and identify, monitor, and treat behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia, stressing non-pharmacological management.

Will a Drink a Day Keep Dementia Away? | Medical Blog

Light to moderate drinking—be it of beer, wine, or spirits—seems to reduce the risk for dementia and cognitive decline, according to a study recently released in Neuropsychiatric

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