The Burden of Pain & Depression in Cancer Patients | Feature

Patients with cancer who experience pain or depression have many types of symptoms. Clinicians should make efforts to recognize and manage somatic symptoms to improve quality of life and function in these patients, regardless of type or phase of cancer.

Howard Schubiner, MD
Howard Schubiner, MD

Reducing the Pain of Fibromyalgia | Feature

The chronic pain syndrome of fibromyalgia afflicts nearly 2% of women and a smaller proportion of men, and is both enigmatic and controversial. Many patients with fibromyalgia

Raising Awareness on Breakthrough Cancer Pain | Feature

Breakthrough cancer pain is highly prevalent, but providers can take steps to reduce the disease burden and offer treatments that may improve outcomes.

Joint Pain Unresolved with Glucosamine and Chondroitin | Medical Blog

Over the past 10 years, general practitioners and rheumatologists have commonly prescribed glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to relieve joint pain in patients. Many patients buy the supplements

Improving Quality of Life for Migraineurs | Opinion Article

One of the unmet needs of the migraine population is the identification of individuals who actively require treatment. When migraine is left untreated or inadequately treated, increased

Emerging Drug Options: Moderate-to-Severe Pain | Opinion Article

More than 25 million Americans experience acute pain each year as a result of injuries or surgery, and it’s the most common reason people seek medical attention.

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