New Guidelines for Diabetic Neuropathy | Feature

The American Academy of Neurology has released new guidelines on the management of painful diabetic neuropathy that provide evidence-based information on use of a range of treatment strategies.

Neuropathic Pain in Women With Bladder Pain Syndrome | News Brief

Neuropathic pain in women with bladder pain syndrome (BPS) appears to be significantly associated with the severity of bladder and bowel pain, urinary urgency, and diarrhea, according

Chronic Pain: Analyzing the Public Health Burden | Feature

Chronic pain continues to be undermanaged, but following key principles, adhering to guidelines, and being cautious with pain medication prescriptions may help decrease the disease burden.

Major Depression & Migraine Linked | News Brief

Migraine appears to be strongly associated with later development of major depressive episodes (MDEs), according to findings from a Canadian study. Patients with migraine were 60% more

Tackling Opioid Abuse & Preventing Drug-Related Deaths | News Brief

The United States is experiencing a significant public health threat from overdose deaths involving prescription opioids for the treatment of pain. The number of fatal outcomes involving

Conference Highlights: Anesthesiology 2011 | Conference Coverage

The American Society of Anesthesiologists’ annual meeting, Anesthesiology 2011, held on October 15-19 in Chicago, was a comprehensive education program in anesthesiology, focusing on transforming patient safety

Managing Diabetes in Older Adults | Feature

Diabetes is an important health condition for the aging population. Different treatment approaches may be necessary to optimize management of the disease in older adults.

Pain Management: A Look at Provider Perspectives | Opinion Article

Dr. Bair and his colleagues uncover three central themes from surveying primary care physicians on their perspectives and experiences in caring for patients with chronic pain.

Considering Artificial Disc Replacement | Opinion Article

A recent study compares fusion surgery to disc replacement surgery for patients with degenerative disc disease to determine patient satisfaction, expense, and outcomes.

Wanted: Pain Training in Psychiatry | Opinion Article

One of the most daunting challenges for psychiatric professionals is to distinguish physical and emotional symptoms that patients experience in the context of pain, and there is little pain training in psychiatric residency.

Guidelines for Diagnosing Low Back Pain | Opinion Article

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons for patients to see physicians. Many who suffer from low back pain receive routine imaging (performed without

Most Americans Using Alternative Therapies: Consumer Reports | Medical Blog

A Consumer Reports survey found that while most Americans would choose prescription drugs to treat 12 common conditions, roughly 75% partake in alternative therapies, such as yoga

5 Strategies for Changing Anesthesia Providers | Medical Blog

For hospitals grappling with the question of whether it’s time to find a new anesthesia provider, a white paper published July 12 by Somnia Anesthesia highlights the

Improving Care for Falls & Urinary Incontinence | Opinion Article

The number of Americans aged 65 and older is rapidly increasing, and these individuals have a disproportionately greater amount of healthcare requirements, office visits, and hospitalizations than their younger counterparts.

Examining Chronic Cancer Pain in Survivors | Opinion Article

Recent data from the National Cancer Institute suggest that more than 60% of people diagnosed with cancer will be alive within 5 years of their diagnosis, and

Striving Toward Quality Pain Management | Opinion Article

No single treatment option for pain management is without risk, but physicians must also consider the risks involved with making decisions to not treat pain. The PainSAFE initiative is a multi-pronged educational program designed to help advocate for and advance the safe use of all pain therapies.

New Guidelines on Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: Summary | Medical Blog

Painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN) is estimated to affect 16% of the more than 25 million people who have diabetes in this country. Unfortunately, the condition is often

A Minimally Invasive Alternative to Open Spine Surgery | Opinion Article

Endoscopic spine procedures can be used to correct many of the conditions that cause chronic back pain or to repair failed previous surgeries--and can often be done more quickly and simply with less pain, a lower risk of infection or other complications, and a shorter recovery time for patients.

The Burden of Pain & Depression in Cancer Patients | Feature

Patients with cancer who experience pain or depression have many types of symptoms. Clinicians should make efforts to recognize and manage somatic symptoms to improve quality of life and function in these patients, regardless of type or phase of cancer.

Howard Schubiner, MD
Howard Schubiner, MD

Reducing the Pain of Fibromyalgia | Feature

The chronic pain syndrome of fibromyalgia afflicts nearly 2% of women and a smaller proportion of men, and is both enigmatic and controversial. Many patients with fibromyalgia

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