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Food Allergy Can Be Easily Misdiagnosed in Children

Food sensitivity and intolerance may be mistaken for allergic reaction, even by doctors

Seeing Video of Self Struggling to Breathe Ups CPAP Adherence

Viewing the tapes helped convince patients to continue their sleep apnea treatment

Greater Engagement for Patients Who Read Visit Notes

Patients value confirming and remembering next steps, quicker access and results, sharing information

Stress Echo Value Questioned for Asymptomatic Aortic Stenosis

Neither increase in mean pressure gradient, systolic pulmonary artery pressure predicted outcome

Guidelines Developed for Art Therapy for Children With ASD

Domains of importance ID’d in surveys include art therapist’s level of experience, choice of art materials

Survey Reveals Prediabetes Knowledge Gaps in Primary Care

Fewer than one in 10 PCPs surveyed named all risk factors identified by American Diabetes Association

Nearly All Donated Brains From NFL Players Show CTE

Researchers found evidence of the degenerative brain disease in 110 out of 111 deceased NFL players

Fasting Plasma Glucose, HbA1c Linked to Alzheimer’s in T2DM

Independent associations for FPG coefficient of variation and HbA1c CV in patients with T2DM

Vascular Targeted Photodynamic Tx Aids Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

Achieves an 82 percent rate of absent clinically significant cancer in treated lobes

More Genetic Tests May Benefit Ashkenazi Jewish Cancer Patients

For Ashkenazi Jewish women with breast cancer, mutations identified in other genes, including CHEK2

Noninvasive Oral Fluid-Based Immunoassay IDs Hepatitis E

Assay has high sensitivity and specificity for identifying past and recent HEV infection

Continuing Statin After Adverse Rx Tied to Lower Cardiac Risk

Continued statin prescription linked to lower incidence of cardiovascular events and death

No Need for Obese Patients to Lose Weight Before THR, TKR

Obese patients achieve about the same pain relief and improved function as normal-weight patients

ADHD Rx Associated With a Lower Risk for Alcohol, Drug Abuse

Linked to a 35 percent lower risk among men and 31 percent lower risk among women

Obesity in Teens Ups Colon, Rectal Cancer Risk in Adulthood

Concerns are growing about weight’s impact on development of chronic disease, researchers say

Poorer Perception of Nasal Function With Poor Mental Health

Poorer scores in all patient-reported outcome measures for poor versus good mental health

Lasting Damage After Monolateral Acute Primary Angle Closure

More than half of fellow eyes develop chronic angle closure glaucoma after acute primary angle closure

Immunotherapy Efficacy Up With Gal-1/SIT Co-Administration

Suppressed allergic responses in mouse intestine with Gal-1, allergen-specific immunotherapy

Average Increase in Physician Compensation 2.9% in 2016

Overall, 77 percent of physician specialties experienced increases in compensation

Many Americans Qualify As ‘Overfat’

Overfat individuals have excess body fat, regardless of scale/BMI values, researchers say

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