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Variation in Participation in Diabetes Self-Management Class

Nonparticipation varies by race/ethnicity, education, health care coverage, county, time since diagnosis

Dietary Energy Density May Up Risk of Obesity-Linked Cancers

DED linked to 10 percent increase of any obesity-related cancer among normal-weight women

Global Disease Burden of COPD, Asthma Quantified

More deaths due to COPD than asthma worldwide in 2015; increase in COPD deaths since 1990

Families Shoulder Majority of Costs Related to Dementia Care

Reducing functional decline or behavioral and psychological symptoms leads to lower lifetime costs

Increasing Physical Activity, Function Can Decrease Fall Fears

Activities of daily living and mobility among predictors of fear of falling in geriatric patients

Increase in Survival Without Severe Disability for Preemies

However, children born preterm still have high risk for developmental delay

On-Pump CABG Leads to Higher Rates of Five-Year Survival

Study compared coronary-artery bypass grafting surgery, with/without cardiopulmonary bypass

Online Nursing Education Can Up Patient Use of VTE Prophylaxis

Online training aims to make sure those hospitalized get treatment to prevent venous thromboembolism

FDA Approves New Treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

For patients with relapsed or refractory B-cell ALL who have received one or two prior treatments

Intensive Blood Pressure Tx Aids Those With Prediabetes

Beneficial effects seen for cardiovascular disease outcomes, all-cause mortality

Few Racial Differences in Peds Anesthesia Meds Administration

Findings after adjustment for age, gender, attending anesthesiologist practice patterns

Limited Economic Evidence for Vitiligo Treatments

Research reveals no evidence to support or refute value for money afforded by vitiligo treatments

Evolocumab Doesn’t Affect Cognition When Added to Statins

No significant between-group difference for patients receiving evolocumab or placebo added to statins

Study Highlights Readmit Factors Post Atrial Flutter Ablation

Readmission rate found to be 18.19 percent

Coping Support Assists Parents of Hospitalized Children

Meta-analysis: coping support interventions can reduce anxiety and stress, but not depression

Opioid Rx Frequently Issued for Nonspecific, Spinal Conditions

Spine, orthopedic disorders most prominent among categories of conditions linked to initial opioid Rx

’07 to ’14 Saw Drop in Proportion Needing Dialysis After TAVI

Need for new dialysis after TAVI linked to increased risk of mortality at 30-days and four years

Sonography May Aid Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Knee Arthritis

Study compared sonography against surface anatomy-guided hyaluronic acid injection

Single-Color PCR Detects Cancer Mutations From Circulating DNA

Mutation assays were developed specific to the cancer driver mutations of patients’ tumors

Plasma Amino Acids Up in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Ballooning/inflammation at liver biopsy linked to increased plasma branched chain, aromatic AAs

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