Family Practice

Use of ICD Codes Only Can Underestimate Falls in ER

With ICD-9 definition only, 19.6 percent of visits meeting chief complaint definition were missed

Bacterial Colonization Linked to Food Sensitization, Allergy

Specific genera underrepresented in children with food sensitization and food allergy

Reduced Cancer-Independent Life Expectancy in Head, Neck Cancer

Cancer-independent life expectancy 6.5 years shorter for patients with head and neck cancer

Better Outcomes for Cardiology Care in Newly Diagnosed A-Fib

Reduction in stroke, death; increase in hospitalization for AF/SVT, MI

Intervention Ups Appropriate Dysglycemia Screening

Screening doubled after intervention, which included EHR-based decision support, training

Crowded Living Conditions May Up Myopia Risk in Children

Population density, home size predict axial length, non-cycloplegic refractive errors after adjustment

Whole-Genome Sequencing of Uncertain Clinical Utility

Testing may prompt additional clinical actions of unclear value, researchers say

Many Adverse Events Related to Cosmetics Go Unreported

Cosmetics and personal care products get little regulatory scrutiny

Physician Attitude Important Factor in Patients Switching PCP

Other variables that encourage patients to leave include cost, bedside manner, comfort of facility

Persistent Mental Distress Ups Mortality in Heart Patients

Significantly higher cardiovascular and all-cause mortality risk compared to patients with no distress

Shift Work May Affect the Body’s Ability to Repair DNA Damage

Lower levels of 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine noted in the urine of those who worked at night

Guidance Issued for Ob-Gyns on Mental Health Disorders in Teens

Can reduce morbidity and mortality linked to mental health conditions by early ID, prompt referral

Similar Skin Cancer Incidence Seen With Teledermatology

Melanoma, keratinocytic carcinoma, any skin cancer incidence similar for teledermatology, face-to-face

Acne-Related Depression, Anxiety Not Tied to Oxidative Stress

Anxiety more common than depression and directly associated with quality of life impairment

Frequency-Selective Silencing Device Beneficial for ICU Patients

Device removes alarm sounds while allowing patients to hear everything and communicate

Adding MRI to Mammography Ups Detection of Breast Cancer

Findings in women aged ≤50 years who had undergone breast conservation therapy

Review Spotlights Optimal Care of T2DM + Osteoporosis

Preferred T2DM meds are sulfonylureas, DPP-4is, GLP-1 receptor agonists

HIV Testing Inadequate in Young Men Who Have Sex With Men

Only 28 percent of young MSM have HIV testing, though they account for 83 percent of new diagnoses

Higher Fish Intake Appears to Reduce RA Symptoms

Researchers suggest most varieties of fish may play a role in controlling symptoms

More Racial Disparity With Medicare Advantage

More racial disparity versus traditional Medicare for hospital readmissions for six major surgeries

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