10 Minutes of Meditation Can Up Focus for Patients With Anxiety

Just 10 minutes each day might boost concentration, prevent mind wandering, small study suggests

Capsaicin Nasal Spray Effective for Mixed Rhinitis Patients

Patients with self-reported nasal hyperreactivity had better therapeutic response evaluation

EHR-Based Prompt Ups Hepatitis C Screening for Baby Boomers

Prompt improves hepatitis C virus screening rates, and all patients are referred to specialty care

ASCO Addresses Cancer Drug Pricing

New drugs routinely cost more than $100K per year; prices on many existing treatments continue to rise

Earlier Menopause Independently Tied to Higher Risk of T2DM

With menopause before 40, risk is 3.7 times greater compared to late menopause, researchers find

Heart Failure Risk Rises As Weight Increases

But losing some weight might help decrease the damage

‘Life’s Simple 7’ Adherence in 20s Tied to Better Brain Health Later

Following lifestyle recommendations in young adulthood pays off later, researchers say

Improved Survival With Enhanced Prophylaxis Plus ART in HIV

Enhanced antimicrobial prophylaxis tied to lower mortality at 24, 48 weeks

C-Section, GDM Rates Down With Maternal Lifestyle Interventions

And no adverse effect of diet, exercise interventions on offspring outcomes

More Patients Enrolled in Cancer Trials Under ACA

Insurer approval rates rose from ~85 percent before Affordable Care Act to ~95 percent after

AAIC: Targeting 9 Factors Could Cut One-Third of Dementia Cases

Addressing these risk factors could help prevent 35 percent of dementia cases, researchers suggest

Antidepressants in Pregnancy May Contribute to Autism in Child

But difference in risk is small, researchers say

NCI-Designated Care Often Excluded in Narrow Health Plans

Oncologists affiliated with NCI-Designated or NCCN Cancer Centers more likely excluded in narrow plans

Aspirin Responsiveness Can Change After Bariatric Surgery

Correlation between extent of weight loss and improvement in on-aspirin platelet reactivity

Electronic Messaging Intervention Cuts Cardiovascular Risk in T2DM

Intervention effective for reducing cardiovascular risk in patients with type 2 diabetes

Rare Skin Manifestations Can Indicate Secondary Syphilis

Case report describes 51-year-old man who primarily presented with multiple nodules on his scalp

Distress Screening Tied to Fewer ER Visits for Cancer Patients

Lower risk ratios for ER use and hospitalization when cancer program adherence documented

Survival Feasible Post Acute Liver Failure Secondary to Amiodarone

Case report describes survival of 79-year-old woman treated with IV amiodarone for atrial flutter

Post-Op Pain May Often Be Underrated by Inpatient Staff

Cross sectional data comparison of pain assessment showed large gap of underrated pain

Reducing Hospital Readmissions Doesn’t Up Mortality Rates

ACA guidelines may mean better follow-up after discharge, researchers suggest

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