#PWChat Recap: The Drivers of Increasing Healthcare Costs | Feature

Physician’s Weekly and Dr. Linda Girgis hosted their continuing #PWChat series on Wednesday, June 21. The topic discussed was the increasing costs in healthcare, and what the

Is Your Operating Room Fit for Successful Outcomes? | Feature

Research has shown that maintaining a sterile field in the operating room (OR) is crucial to achieving successful outcomes in joint arthroplasty. Most ORs are fitted with

Isotretinoin May Impair Wound Healing After Tattoo | Feature

Case report describes 19-year-old woman who had unsatisfactory aesthetic result from tattooing

2006 to 2013 Saw Increase in ER Use for Herpes Zoster | Feature

Increase in number of emergency department visits and costs for HZ-related ER visits

Head Positioning May Not Be Key to Acute Stroke Outcome | Feature

Research suggests patients will do as well sitting up as following doctor’s orders to lie on their backs

1991-2014 Saw Minimal Change in Health Spending Per State | Feature

Recession and recovery, implementation of health reform impacted health care coverage

Opioid Rx Too Often Given to Back Pain Patients With Depression | Feature

Researchers find these patients are also more likely to get higher doses of opioids

Occupation Tied to Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency | Feature

Findings may help target health promotion and preventive efforts, researchers say

Revisits After Discharge From Observation Up in Elderly | Feature

From 2006 to 2011, increases seen in repeat observation stays and any hospital revisit for seniors

Valproic Acid Concentration Drops With Ketogenic Diet | Feature

Changes in serum concentrations of other anti-epileptic drugs not found to be significant

Medical-Home Recognition Higher in Demonstration Sites | Feature

Smaller decreases in number of visits to federally-qualified health centers for demonstration sites

Nearly 60 Percent With Conjunctivitis Fill Antibiotic Rx | Feature

Blacks and Latinos less likely to fill prescriptions; higher-income, educated patients more likely to fill rx

#PWChat – The Specialists’ Stranglehold on Medicine | Feature

Dr. Jamie Koufman will co-host a #PWChat TwitterChat/TweetChat with PW on August 16 at 9:00pm ET on what she believes to be one of the biggest factors affecting healthcare costs in the U.S.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Poses Fetal Risk During/After Event | Feature

Risk of fetal demise increased with maternal ICU admission and higher serum osmolality during DKA

Education Can Promote Self-Management in CVD Conditions | Feature

Most effective interventions are tailored to individual patient needs, use multiple components

Causes of Serious Adverse Events in Nursing Homes Identified | Feature

Most serious adverse events caused by medication errors, falls, delayed or inappropriate intervention

Weight-Loss Program Aids Black Breast Cancer Survivors | Feature

Community-based, interventionist-guided weight loss program efficacious for early-stage survivors

Family Hx, Mutation Position Key Variables in BRCA1/2 Cancer Risk | Feature

Study findings provide cancer risk patterns based on BRCA status using prospective data

CDC: Number of U.S. Counties With Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes Up | Feature

Surveillance also spotted increase in mosquitoes that transmit dengue, chikungunya viruses

Early Loop Diuretic Tx Tied to Lower Mortality in Heart Failure | Feature

Early-treatment group had significantly lower in-hospital mortality even after adjustment

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