Physicians Practice: 12 Ways to Maintain Your Sanity | Feature

The author of this article is Jeff Davidson, an expert author and speaker on work-life balance issues. As physicians constantly strive to provide expert and effective patient

Assessing Appropriate Use of Vascular Access Devices | Feature

The Michigan Appropriateness Guide to Intravenous Catheters has been developed to help clinicians appropriately select vascular access devices. These efforts are important to limiting the risk of complications in critically-ill patients.

#PWChat Recap: The Future of Medicaid Funding | Feature

The Physician’s Weekly #PWChat series continued with another informative discussion focusing on healthcare and, more specifically, medicaid funding. It was co-hosted by Dr. Linda Girgis, MD, FAAFP.

EHR-Based Prompt Ups Hepatitis C Screening for Baby Boomers | Feature

Prompt improves hepatitis C virus screening rates, and all patients are referred to specialty care

Improved Survival With Enhanced Prophylaxis Plus ART in HIV | Feature

Enhanced antimicrobial prophylaxis tied to lower mortality at 24, 48 weeks

Physicians Practice: 7 Ways to Break Bad News to Patients | Feature

The author of this article is Linda Girgis MD, FAAFP, a family physician who practices in New Jersey. Dr. Girgis is also a regular blogger and columnist

Are doctors wimps? Hippocrates & Maimonides walk into a bar… | Feature

I was growling. Stacks of papers desecrated my desk. The EMR was giving me trouble. I began to curse ….suddenly…. There was a flash of lightening… In

Single-Dose PCV13 Immunogenic, Safe in Pediatric Oncology | Feature

After vaccination, ≥70 percent had protective antibody titers for S. pneumoniae serotypes

Rare Skin Manifestations Can Indicate Secondary Syphilis | Feature

Case report describes 51-year-old man who primarily presented with multiple nodules on his scalp

Doctor and Patient Relationships: Empathy & Litigation | Feature

Research has shown that emergency physicians (EPs) with better interpersonal skills and who spend more time with patients appear to have fewer malpractice claims filed against them.

The Overuse of NSAIDs | Feature

Research suggests that despite widespread use, NSAIDs appear to be associated with several side effects when misused or overused that may make use of these medications dangerous in certain populations and in combination with other drugs.

Timing of Menopause Onset May Increase Heart Failure Risk in Women | News Brief

Traditional Chinese medicine might be effective as a complement or alternative to traditional Western medicine for primary and secondary prevention of heart disease, according to a state

Kicking the Salt Shaker Habit May Not Be Enough | News Brief

Restaurant foods and commercially processed foods sold in stores accounted for about 70 percent of dietary sodium intake in a study in three U.S. regions, according to

How has United Airlines done since the doctor was manhandled? | Feature

  Three months ago I blogged about the doctor who was dragged off a United plane in Chicago and the airline’s response to the incident. The CEO

Better Prognosis With Surgery for HPV-Linked Oropharyngeal SCC | Feature

Higher survival seen for patients in low-risk category versus intermediate-, high-risk groups

Measles Outbreak Identified in Minnesota Is Ongoing | Feature

Genotyping identified genotype B3 virus in three children, who attended the same child care center

High Court Rules Against Interstate Medical Liability | Feature

Case involves doctor providing care to football player in Idaho, who then died after injury in Washington

An unusual cause of shoulder pain | Medical Blog

  A woman in Montréal underwent a total hysterectomy for ovarian cancer back in March, and from the moment she woke up from anesthesia, had shoulder pain

Physicians Practice: How to Engage in Difficult Discussions With Staff | Feature

The author of this article is Catherine Hambley, PhD, an organizational psychologist who leverages brain science to promote effectiveness and positive change.  Of the many challenges physicians

What To Do with Your Leftover Pain Drugs | Feature

A survey has found that many parents hold onto their child’s leftover pain drugs. The findings highlight the need for healthcare providers to talk with parents and guide them on what to do with these medications after they are no longer needed.

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