Identifying Elder Abuse in the Emergency Department | Feature

Elder abuse is increasingly common among patients presenting to the ED. Developing screening protocols and using a multidisciplinary team-based approach may improve the detection and care of elder abuse in EDs.

Meditation Could be a Cheaper Alternative to Traditional Pain Medication, Study Suggests | News Brief

Just ten minutes of mindfulness meditation could be used as an alternative to painkillers, according to research by Leeds Beckett University. Results of the study suggest that

Exposure to Specific Toxins and Nutrients During Late Pregnancy and Early Life Correlate with Autism Risk | News Brief

Using evidence found in baby teeth, researchers from The Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Environmental Health Sciences Laboratory and The Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment at

Acute Kidney Injuries & CABG | Feature

Patients who develop an acute kidney injury (AKI) during CABG appear to have significant morbidity and mortality risks. Considering these effects, clinicians should proactively identify at-risk patients and implement appropriate AKI risk-reducing strategies.

Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? | Feature

There are 374 mental disorders. How many do you have?  Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? With a hair-raising delivery, Jon Ronson, author

Difficulties Diagnosing Delirium in Older Adults After Surgery | News Brief

Experts still don’t always agree on delirium symptoms or diagnoses, even when they are assessing the same symptoms in the same people. A team of researchers from

CME/CE: Updated Guidance on Invasive Aspergillosis | News Brief

The Infectious Diseases Society of America has released an updated guideline for treating invasive aspergillosis that stress the importance of early diagnosis and treatment to improve clinical outcomes.

Potential Mechanism for BCG Vaccine Reversal of Type 1 Diabetes | News Brief

Interim results from a FDA-approved clinical trial testing the generic vaccine bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) to reverse advanced type 1 diabetes are being presented at the 75th Scientific

Artificial Intelligence That Can Shoot Down Fighter Planes Helps Treat Bipolar Disorder | News Brief

The artificial intelligence that can blow human pilots out of the sky in air-to-air combat accurately predicted treatment outcomes for bipolar disorder, according to a new medical

Reducing Opioid-Related Visits | Feature

Unintentional overdose involving opioids has become a leading cause of injury-related death in the United States. “Notwithstanding, several interventions promoted to address opioid-related morbidity and mortality, but

American Medical Association Opposes Obamacare Repeal, Says it Violates ‘Do No Harm’ Rule | News Brief

The American Medical Association (AMA), in a letter to Senate leaders, outlined its opposition to the Better Care Reconciliation Act. Throughout the health system reform debate, the

HIV Testing Inadequate in Young Men Who Have Sex With Men | News Brief

Only 28 percent of young MSM have HIV testing, though they account for 83 percent of new diagnoses

Sound Progress Made Toward Global Containment of Poliovirus | News Brief

Following eradication of wild poliovirus type 2 in 2015, trivalent vaccine replaced with bivalent OPV

“Brazilian butt lift” takes another life | Medical Blog

Last year I blogged about a cosmetic surgeon in Florida named Osak Omulepu who had several bad patient outcomes resulting in the Florida Board of Health prohibiting

#PWChat Recap: The Drivers of Increasing Healthcare Costs | Feature

Physician’s Weekly and Dr. Linda Girgis hosted their continuing #PWChat series on Wednesday, June 21. The topic discussed was the increasing costs in healthcare, and what the

Is Your Operating Room Fit for Successful Outcomes? | Feature

Research has shown that maintaining a sterile field in the operating room (OR) is crucial to achieving successful outcomes in joint arthroplasty. Most ORs are fitted with

CDC: Zika Can Be Found in Placental, Fetal Tissue at Birth | Feature

Of 546 live births with possible maternal Zika virus, 11 percent proved positive

Chronic Lyme Disease Treatments Tied to Serious Adverse Effects | Feature

Medications in this context not shown to result in substantial long-term improvement, researchers say

Is artificial intelligence the answer to our healthcare problems? | Medical Blog

  An article in last week’s Newsweek magazine says it is. “Artificial intelligence will cure America’s sick health care system” using data and automation to “drive down

Nearly 60 Percent With Conjunctivitis Fill Antibiotic Rx | Medical Blog

Blacks and Latinos less likely to fill prescriptions; higher-income, educated patients more likely to fill rx

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