Month: September 2012

Weekend Vs Weekday Admissions for AF

A review of more than 86,000 discharges with a primary diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AF) sug­gests that patients admitted on weekends appear to be less likely to undergo a cardioversion procedure and more likely to die...

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Herbal Cannabis Use in Fibromyalgia

A study analyzing self-reports from patients with fibromyalgia who were referred to a ter­tiary care pain center indicate that 13% used cannabi­noids to manage their pain. Among these patients, 80% used marijuana, 24% used...

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Comparing Weight Loss Approaches

American research suggests that use of a standard behavioral weight loss intervention (SBWI) appears to result in greater weight loss than use of a stepped-care weight loss interven­tion (STEP) in overweight and obese adults....

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