Month: June 2013

ADA 2013: Training Fat to Be Good

The Particulars: The effects of exercise on those who do not lose weight have not been well defined, particularly in regard to body fat activity. Data Breakdown: Men who underwent 12 weeks of exercise bicycle training for a...

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ADA 2013: Predicting Type 1 Diabetes

The Particulars: The ability to predict patients who are most likely to develop type 1 diabetes would allow for identification of the disease in its earliest stages of development, interventions to preserve beta cell function,...

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ASE 2013

New research is being presented at ASE 2013, the annual scientific sessions of the American Society of Echocardiography, from June 29 – July 2 in Minneapolis.   Meeting Highlights Predicting CHF Readmissions Valve...

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ADA 2013

New research is being presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 73rd Scientific Sessions from June 21-25 in Chicago. Meeting Highlights Predicting Type 1 Diabetes Training Fat to Be Good Wide-Ranging Benefits of Intensive...

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