The Particulars: Thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair (TEVAR) can be performed either electively or urgently. Data are lacking on the differences in outcomes for TEVAR procedures performed electively or urgently.

Data Breakdown: For a study, researchers compared demographics, intraoperative parameters, follow-up data, complications, endoleak rates and types, reinterventions, and mortality rates between patients who underwent elective or urgent TEVAR. Complication rates were three times higher in the urgent group when compared with the elective group. Length of stay was twice as high for the urgent group when compared with the elective group. Patients aged 70 or older had a two-fold greater rate of all-cause mortality when compared with those who were younger than 70. However, no differences were observed between the elective and urgent groups with regard to 30-day aneurysm-related and all-cause mortality rates.

Take Home Pearls: Patients who undergo urgent TEVAR appear to have a significantly higher rate of complications and longer lengths of stay when compared with those who undergo elective TEVAR. When compared with younger individuals, those aged 70 and older appear to have a higher risk of mortality.