To evaluate domestic violence and sexual dysfunction in infertile women.
We recruited women complaining of infertility (primary or secondary infertility). A control group of fertile women attending the outpatient clinic for any concern was recruited. Domestic violence was evaluated using the Arabic validated NorVold Domestic Abuse Questionnaire (NORAQ). Female sexual function was evaluated using the Arabic validated female sexual function index.
There was no significant difference between both groups in rates of exposure to violence (p-value 0.830). Primary infertility was a significant contributing factor in infertile women’s exposure to violence (p-value 0.001). All the studied population had female sexual dysfunction, with more dysfunction was reported by the infertile women (total score 18.87 ± 5.92, 19.51 ± 5.42, p-value 0.072). They differed significantly in arousal (2.83 ± 1.33, 3.13 ± 1.29, p-value 0.001) and satisfaction (3.98 ± 1.27, 4.28 ± 1.28, p-value 0.003) which were impaired in infertile women.
The recruited infertile women were exposed to violence. Emotional abuse was the most common reported type of violence. Sexual dysfunction was reported in the entire studied population with no significant difference relating to fertility.