With the increasing use of the Lu-177-PSMA-RLT for the treatment of advanced castrate resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), an estimation of the necessary therapy beds in nuclear medicine departments is of great importance in the view of the high number of cases of advanced prostate cancer, and as a basis to avoid a potentially infrastructure-related bottleneck for patient care in this field.
 The number of therapy beds available in German nuclear medicine departments was included in a basic calculation in view of the overall potential for therapy beds to be expected in the event of a possible approval of a therapeutic agent for the Lu-177-PSMA-RLT for mCRPC patients. A potential expansion of the Lu-PSMA-therapy indications was not taken into account.
 The basic calculation shows for a nationwide nuclear medicine bed capacity of approx. 234 000 treatment days a relatively small bed reserve of approx. 19 000 nuclear medicine bed days, which corresponds to a reserve of 63 beds for the research question. There are regional differences in bed capacity: while for some federal states there is an under-capacity of nuclear medicine therapy beds with an approved Lu-177-PSMA-RLT, this is less the case for other federal states.
 This basic calculation shows that the capacity of nuclear medicine therapy beds is likely to be very well utilized with a prospectively approved therapeutic agent for Lu-177-PSMA-RLT, and could even reach its limits in some German federal states. With a prospective expansion of the range of indications or the foreseeable clinical establishment of further therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, the number of therapy beds could represent a bottleneck factor for the comprehensive patient treatment in the medium term.