To compare the effects of ultrasound-guided aspiration and ethanol sclerotherapy with those of laparoscopic surgery on anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels and ovarian reserve in benign-appearing ovarian endometrioma.
A prospective, cohort pilot study.
Multiple centers, Spain.
Forty patients with a suspected ovarian endometrioma with a maximum diameter of 35-100 mm. Serum hormonal concentrations were analyzed in 26 of these women.
Two groups: one that received US-guided aspiration plus alcohol sclerotherapy (n = 16) and the other that underwent laparoscopic cystectomy (n = 10).
We studied serum hormonal concentrations (AMH, FSH and 17-β-estradiol) and antral follicle counts (AFC) in each patient at baseline, and after the procedures and pregnancies. No differences were found when comparing AMH and FSH concentrations before and after each procedure. 17-β-estradiol concentrations were significantly increased after alcohol sclerotherapy (p < 0.001). AFC recovery after 6 months seemed to be higher after sclerotherapy than after surgery. Three patients became pregnant in the sclerotherapy group.
This pilot study indicated that alcohol sclerotherapy preserves fertility in patients with endometriomas better than surgery, with significant increases in serum estradiol concentrations, possible AFC recovery and spontaneous pregnancies observed in the patients after sclerotherapy.