This is the first reported case of acute exudative paraneoplastic polymorphous vitelliform maculopathy (AEPPVM) in a patient with thymoma, accompanied by myasthenia gravis (MG) and polymyositis.
To examine the pathogenesis of ocular disease in a patient with yolk-like fundus lesions and thymoma, MG, and polymyositis throughout the body based on clinical manifestations, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and genetic testing to determine the appropriate treatment course.
We describe a 63-year-old woman who presented to our tertiary medical center with a 3-month history of reduced visual acuity in both eyes. Concurrent fundoscopy revealed a 2.0 × 1.7-mm, unifocal, yellow, round vitelliform lesion in the macular region, surrounded by multifocal, shallow, yellow-white pockets of subretinal fluid. The patient’s medical history included thymoma with thymectomy treatment, combined with pericardiectomy and postoperative radiotherapy (20 years prior), followed by a diagnosis of MG with suspect thymic association (15 years prior). Three years prior, the patient had been diagnosed with polymyositis related to paraneoplastic syndrome; 1 year prior, she had been examined for pleural thickening due to suspected metastatic tumor.
On her most recent follow-up visit at 3 months after initial diagnosis, the patient was stable with no clinically significant progression in ocular or systemic conditions.