The following is a summary of “Prospective Study of 532-nm Picosecond Laser for the Treatment of Pigmented Lesions of the Face and Dorsal Hands” published in the November 2022 issue of Dermatologic Surgery by Friedmann, et al.

Chronic UV photoaging causes widespread pigmented lesions on the face and hands. For a study, researchers sought to examine the potential risks and benefits of using a 532-nm picosecond laser to treat these pigmented lesions. It was a prospective, open-label, single-center study. Face and hand pigmentation patients who qualified for the study underwent 3 monthly treatments, with 1 and 3 month (1M and 3M) follow-ups. Investigators used a 5-point scale to rate changes in overall facial and per lesion pigmentation, while patients used the same measure to rate their happiness and the improvement in pigmentation.

The skin’s reaction to the treatment and any adverse events (AEs) were assessed immediately. A mexameter was used to determine the melanin index. About 3 physicians evaluated the degree of pigmentation improvement in randomized sets of before and after images. The study enlisted 25 people (22 women and 3 men) with Fitzpatrick skin types I through III, and 23 finished the study. 532 nm lasers were employed for the treatments, with an 800 ps pulse duration, a 4-6mm spot size, and 0.1-0.6J/cm2 fluence. About more than equal to  95% of lesions (n=116) showed good to outstanding clearance at 1M/3M. 

About 25 people (22 women and 3 men) with Fitzpatrick skin types I to III were recruited, and 23 finished the study. The wavelength was 532 nm, the pulse duration was 800 ps, the spot size was 4-6mm, and the fluence was 0.1-0.6J/cm2. More than equal to 95% of lesions (n = 116) showed good to outstanding clearance at 1M/3M. No major adverse events were associated with the treatment itself, and the only documented side effect was minor soreness that subsided when the treatment ended (mean downtime of 2.1±2.0 days). At 1M, 95% of subjects were satisfied, while at 3M, only 91% were satisfied or extremely satisfied.