Fc fragment of IgG-binding protein (FCGBP) is differentially expressed in various tumors. However, the correlation between FCGBP and immune cell infiltration in ovarian cancer remains unclear. FCGBP expression was analyzed using The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) pan-cancer data, and the ovarian cancer expression profile was analyzed using the Gene Expression Omnibus database. The clinical prognostic value of FCGBP was evaluated using clinical survival data from TCGA. Enrichment analysis of FCGBP was performed using the R package clusterProfiler. Based on known immune cell infiltration scores for samples found in TCGA, we analyzed the association between immune cell infiltration level and FCGBP expression. FCGBP was highly expressed and associated with poorer overall survival (p = 0.00051) and disease-specific survival (p = 0.0012) in ovarian cancer and other tumors. Additionally, high FCGBP expression correlated significantly with immune-related gene sets, including those involved in chemokine signaling pathways and innate and adaptive immunity. Further analysis showed that M2 macrophage infiltration increased and M1 macrophage infiltration decreased in tissues with high FCGBP expression. Our study suggests that FCGBP contributes to M2 macrophage polarization by acting as an oncogene in ovarian cancer. FCGBP may represent a clinically helpful biomarker for predicting overall survival of ovarian cancer patients.