Cardiac arrest in pregnancy is high acuity, low occurrence event. It involves the coordination of multiple teams to take care of ultimately two patients. This is further compounded by physiology that is frequently unfamiliar to the providers taking care of the patient.
This case report will detail sudden onset eclampsia in a patient whose condition deteriorated rapidly into cardiac arrest. It will delve into the complexities of managing this complex disease process and how the multi-disciplinary team quickly integrated to manage both the mother and the baby. Why should the emergency physician be aware of this?: Cardiac arrest in pregnancy is an incredibly difficult situation due to both the physiological differences in the pregnant woman and the emotional factors on the treating providers (1). Due to its rarity, the pregnant cardiac arrest situation should be frequently reviewed to ensure appropriate care when the time arrives. The per-mortem c-section for a woman in cardiac arrest is a critical resuscitation technique that must be understood by providers who take care of critically ill patients ranging from emergency medicine to obstetrics and gynecology (Ob/Gyn) clinicians.

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