This study is based on the surgical challenge faced by the doctors for Giant nerve sheath tumors. The researchers studied to identify the challenges the doctors faced in the surgical management of GNSTs. So they reviewed all spinal GNST cases between 2010 and 2016. They found eight patients with giant spinal nerve sheath tumors. Among them, 3 cases were incidental findings. So they excluded those 3 cases. The rest 5 cases underwent surgeries. They collected all kinds of data like presenting symptom(s), patient demographic, surgical approach to the tumor, radiological data, challenges encountered, histopathology report, and follow-up.

The age range was 45 years to 70 years, and the average age was 56.4 years. After all the studies, the researchers have concluded that Giant spinal nerve sheath tumors are surgically challenging to the doctors because they often occupy territories beyond one specialty’s comfort zone. They are also trying to go through more studies to find out more possible ways and identify the doctors’ exact challenges. They kept the other three non-operated GNSTs under yearly clinical and radiological surveillance for further studies and research works.