This research aimed to report the lateral mass screw fixation experience when used in various complex cervical pathologies. A prospective observational study was for all patients who underwent lateral mass screw fixation for complex spinal pathology. They planned to study all kinds of the available information regarding this case.

The researchers studied 59 patients. Pathology included cervical spondylosis with deformity 58%, rheumatoid arthritis 19%, tumors 15%, multiple level trauma 8%. The median follow-up time was 23 months. The patient’s myelopathy scores improved in 64% of patients. 79% reported an improvement in their neck disability scores. 73% had improvement in their visual analog pain score. Sixty-one percent had a preoperative high signal change on T2WI MRI. Sixty percent had a loss of normal cervical lordosis on a presentation or were kyphotic. Sixty-four percent of patients had grade 3 compression on MRI (Singh). The postoperative alignment was proper in all cases. No late kyphotic deformity occurred. Lateral mass screw fixation can be used effectively and safely for different cervical spine pathologies with good functional and radiological outcomes. More studies are going on the same subject to find out better results from it.