Pain and fractures, sensation, leading to deformities, deficits in movement, and bowel/bladder function can happen due to Tumor metastasis in the spine. There are two suitable treatments available for this problem – 1. Percutaneous vertebroplasty (PVP) and 2. subtotal vertebral resection with reconstruction (SVR). But the clinical efficiency of these treatment procedures is uncertain. The doctors and researchers aimed this study to compare the efficiency between PVP and SVR. They took the data of 67 patients with an average age of 58.6 years. All of them received either SVR or PVP at our institution between 2010 and 2013. 

As a result, none of the patients experienced severe complications after surgery, and all patients experienced significant amelioration of pain. Twelve patients died at the follow-up time, and the survival time was significantly longer in the SVR group. Two patients from the SVR group and seven patients from the PVP groups experienced recurrence during the follow-up process, but the groups had no significant local recurrence difference. Both the treatments were successful in reducing the pain score significantly. According to the study result, the researchers have concluded that these are the reliable treatment for lumbar metastatic tumors.