To increase HPV vaccination rates, many online HPV vaccine teaching initiatives for doctors have been developed. The goals of this study were to (1) evaluate the content of the purpose statements and learning objectives of online HPV vaccination continuing medical education (CME) activities designed for clinicians, and (2) identify themes and gaps in the purpose statements and learning objectives. The goal statements and learning objectives for each HPV vaccination online CME activity were subjected to a content analysis. The following mission statement themes were found through open coding:

1) Recommendations,

2) HPV epidemiology,

3) HPV vaccine,

4) Guidelines, 

5) Medical news.

The following subjects were recognised as learning objectives: 1) suggestions; 2) methods; 3) HPV epidemiology; 4) HPV vaccine; 5) guidelines; 6) preventative services; 7) HPV vaccination advocacy; and 8) disparities. 

For purpose statements and learning objectives, the most prevalent phrases were vaccine administration guidelines and vaccination recommendation guidelines. One learning aim focuses on behavior/skill development, which is worrisome given physicians’ lack of confidence in making good vaccination recommendations. To guide the creation of effective CME activities, clear and purposeful purpose statements and learning objectives must be employed.