Sexual dysfunction incidence is higher in individuals with Parkison’s Disease (PD). This study aims to understand the prevalence of the condition, its variables like gender differences among PD individuals.

The researchers conducted an observatory study with 203 patients – 113 men and 90 women. The subjects were given a semi-structured interview. During this interview, the main areas focused on were sexuality, sociodemographic information, sexuality, and illness perception. Standard scales were used to understand SD by assessing the daily activities, motor impairments, and caregiver burden.

SD was found in 68% of male and 53% of female subjects. Libido loss is the major concern for both genders. However, males are more significantly affected by the condition, although there was no significant difference in the severity. Among 85% of subjects in a stable relationship, 40% were satisfied, and 57% expressed a decrease in sex desire and intercourse frequency. There was a significant difference in the depression rating between patients with and without SD.

SD is found to be a highly probable and devastating condition in individuals with PD. Thus, clinicians should focus on a holistic approach to treat sexual problems in chronic illnesses.