Pathological Myopia (PM) is a globally prevalent eye disease which is one of the main causes of blindness. In the long-term clinical observation, myopic maculopathy is a main criterion to diagnose PM severity. The grading of myopic maculopathy can provide a severity and progression prediction of PM to perform treatment and prevent myopia blindness in time. In this paper, we propose a feature fusion framework to utilize tessellated fundus and the brightest region in fundus images as prior knowledge. The proposed framework consists of prior knowledge extraction module and feature fusion module. Prior knowledge extraction module uses traditional image processing methods to extract the prior knowledge to indicate coarse lesion positions in fundus images. Furthermore, the prior, tessellated fundus and the brightest region in fundus images, are integrated into deep learning network as global and local constrains respectively by feature fusion module. In addition, rank loss is designed to increase the continuity of classification score. We collect a private color fundus dataset from Beijing TongRen Hospital containing 714 clinical images. The dataset contains all 5 grades of myopic maculopathy which are labeled by experienced ophthalmologists. Our framework achieves 0.8921 five-grade accuracy on our private dataset. Pathological Myopia (PALM) dataset is used for comparison with other related algorithms. Our framework is trained with 400 images and achieves an AUC of 0.9981 for two-class grading. The results show that our framework can achieve a good performance for myopic maculopathy grading.
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