The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases issued guidelines for PPSV23 revaccination delivery in July 2017. Despite growing understanding of its preventive advantages, the level of PPSV23 revaccination coverage in Japan’s older population is unknown at the moment. We present the findings of a survey to determine PPSV23 revaccination rates among senior patients aged 65 and older. In June 2018, we used web-based surveys to pose a variety of questions about PPSV23 revaccination to elderly persons and clinicians throughout Japan. The sample population included 5,085 men and women aged 65 and up. Survey questions about vaccination counts, intervals, and vaccine type were used to determine the PPSV23 revaccination coverage rate. In addition, 400 internal medicine specialists were polled about why they suggest PPSV23 revaccination to older patients. In total, 1,648 older persons had gotten at least one PPSV23 treatment, with 58 receiving it twice. The most often mentioned argument for revaccination with PPSV23 among the questioned clinicians was that the benefits outweighed the dangers.

Furthermore, multivariate analysis revealed that among senior participants, revaccinated status was most strongly correlated with referrals from peers. For the first time, this study provides the PPSV23 revaccination coverage rate among Japanese adults aged 65 and older, and it concludes that the coverage rate is quite low.