Growing intrathoracic goiters may compress surrounding organs and deteriorate the cardiopulmonary function. Treating such cases requires carefully considering how to maintain oxygenation and resect the tumor with minimal invasiveness without complications. We herein report a surgically resected case of a large intrathoracic goiter-compressed trachea extending from the right lower pole of the thyroid gland to the carina. We secured the airway by intubation preparing for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and successfully performed surgical complete resection using a robot-assisted thoracoscopic and cervical approach. Intrathoracic goiter is a tumor with abundant neovascularity, and the right vagus nerve is displaced in the thoracic cavity, but a robot-assisted thoracoscopic approach using CO insufflation improved visualization at the narrow apex area of the thoracic cavity. Robot-assisted thoracoscopic surgery is a useful surgical procedure enabling safe and minimally invasive surgery without recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy or tracheal injury for intrathoracic giant goiters extending into the thoracic cavity.
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