In the present decade, the number of female hematologists and their ratio to the total number of hematologists have increased. This increase in the number of female physicians with various work styles have made physicians aware of diverse career paths. To attain an uninterrupted career, physicians have to overcome obstacles such as severe working environment or intolerance of diversity. The Committee on Studies of Career Education for Female Physicians proposed five learning objectives for all physicians to attain an uninterrupted career: professional awareness of the missions of being a physician, ability to make career plans, flexibility to embrace diverse values of the profession, appropriate attitudes toward supports, and recognition of social gender differences. Learning objectives corresponding to the learning period were also proposed. In order to make career plans, residents need to collect the information on specialty training, perceive a variety of individuals as potential role models, and create, review, and change their own career plan. Residents should become familiar with the process for becoming board-certified hematologists through understanding the new training program for hematology residency.