The author of this article is Amy Wright, PA-C. She did a clinical rotation with Joseph A. Girgis, MD, at Superior Medical Care when she was a PA student.

Joseph A. Girgis, MD, founder of Superior Medical Care (SMC), is demonstrating that a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model works to provide easier, more efficient care with better outcomes for patients. Instead of a step-by-step process whereby patients meet a physician assistant (PA) or nurse practitioner (NP) and then go for lab tests and schedule separate appointments with physicians, the process is streamlined so it can be completed in a single day at SMC.

The PCMA model involves PAs and NPs spending time consulting with patients and reviewing lab tests, history, and chronic conditions. After the PA or NP presents the patient’s condition to physicians, they collaborate to form a diagnostic and treatment plan. The physician then meets with patients to deliver the assessment and care instructions. The model has helped SMC physicians see between 75 and 95 patients per day.

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Dr. Girgis says PAs play a crucial role in the future of healthcare because of the rising number of patients needing care and the pressing demands upon a physician’s time. Having an organized protocol in a single facility can remedy these issues. He adds that the model may decrease healthcare costs, enable faster delivery of care, and shorten wait times for patients.

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