There have been various perceptions about the conservative acre that is required by the people who are already down with chronic kidney disease in the country of the United States of America. In addition, there have been various studies that are being conducted so far in order to enable the persons to understand that there is a need for providing the maximum possible care to them. Therefore, various kinds of qualitative studies are being conducted in order to assure that the advanced treatment is provided to the population which is already affected by this disease. Therefore, patients in the age group of 14-15 years were taken, and hence, most of them were aged less than the age of 75. Therefore, the results were pretty amazing in the way, that it was discovered that the current lifestyle if responsible for worsening the condition of the people who are already suffering from the chronic kidney disease and hence, 75 percent were the people were responsible for their worsened conditions due to the lack of the care they take and hence, it is essential to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy life.

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