HPV vaccination uptake is poor across the board. Although quality improvement (QI) concepts have the ability to transform practise, not all clinicians are confident in their QI abilities. Researchers created an instructional programme to boost QI skills and HPV vaccination rates. The pilot project included five paediatric offices. Presentations on QI methodologies, data monitoring and analysis, and system improvements to decrease lost opportunities were also part of the training. Participants completed chart audits, collected data, printed run charts, and designed, executed, and monitored interventions on a monthly basis for six months. Rates of HPV vaccination completion and lost opportunities were among the outcome indicators. In the second phase, eight different paediatric clinics got comparable training. Rates of HPV vaccination start and completion were among the outcome indicators. In the pilot programme, mean HPV vaccine completion rates improved while missed chances for HPV immunisation reduced over the course of six months. When the programme was duplicated in phase 2, both the initiation and completion rates of HPV vaccines increased. 

Combining QI education with workflow-focused techniques resulted in fewer lost opportunities and a significant improvement in HPV vaccination completion rates.