Although there is a lot of present research that confirms that there is the effectiveness of training to improve LEOs awareness and knowledge of people with intellectual disability and learning disabilities, a review of the efficacy of autism-specific law enforcement training is needed to add up to the existing knowledge on the subject matter.

The study was done to provide up-to-date information regarding training for LEOs related to ASD, a systematic review of the literature was conducted to gather important information. Adhering to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses for Protocols, 13 professional databases and 28 journals were searched and analyzed using search terms related to both ASD and law enforcement training. 606 articles were identified during the initial search, out of them only two articles met inclusion criteria, which suggests that limited research exists that explores ASD and law enforcement training.

The study concluded by summarizing the Included studies in terms of participants as well as training format, content, and outcomes that provide a complete picture of the way things work. Limitations of the current literature and current implications for practice are discussed.