In 1999, since the Rotashield, the first generation of oral Rotavirus vaccine has been confirmed that there is a link to intussusception, mainly occurs in 7 days after first dose. With the second generation of RV vaccine has been listed globally and intussusception monitoring has continued. This study reviewed the current phase Ⅲ clinical and post-marketing studies of rotavirus vaccines on the market and found that the two most widely used rotavirus vaccines, RV1 and RV5, were found the risk of intussusception increased within 7 days of ORV. The Lanzhou lamb rotavirus vaccine (LLR), which manufactured by Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products Co, also lacks Epidemiological surveies. With the introduction of RV5 in 2018, the role of rotavirus vaccine in the prevention and efforts of severe rotavirus diarrhea is increasing. It is urgent to establish an intussusception active monitoring system to monitor the incidence of intussusception after rotavirus vaccine and provide more evidence for the post-marketing evaluation of the rotavirus vaccine.