This study explains how Alternaria alternata is a parasite which has been recorded causing leaf spot and different infections on more than 380 host types of plant. It is a deft microbe on various hosts causing leaf spots, spoils and curses on many plant parts. It can likewise cause upper respiratory parcel contaminations and asthma in people with traded off insusceptibility. AAL’s fundamental manifestation is blisters in the stem. It lives in seeds and seedlings, and is regularly spread by spores as they become airborne and land on plants. It can likewise spread all through different plants. Under extreme disease, sores augment and become combine causing scourging of the leaves. This indication movement happened in research done in Pakistan: the manifestations on influenced tomatoes began with yellowing and carmelizing of the lower leaves, at that point started creating on the leaf tips and along the edges of the leaf petiole. This movement proceeded until the whole leaves were canvassed in sick tissue and afterward fell off.In expansion under to necrotic leaves and petioles, plants are found to have extreme defoliation, with extensive yield misfortunes when it happens prior to blossoming. The tomato organic product can be tainted too, with earthy colored infections spotting them and making them unpalatable.

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