New research is being presented at AAN 2014, the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, from April 26 to May 3, in Philadelphia.

Meeting Highlights

A Brain Fitness Program for Cognitive Impairment

Fingernail Exams Deemed Helpful

Examining Discharges for Stroke Patients

Comorbidities in Hospitalized Patients With MS

Analyzing Traumatic Brain Injury Costs

Patient Knowledge of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Risk Factors


News From the Meeting

New B-Cell Killer Stops MS Lesions

No Link Between Pot Use and Stroke Risk

Extended-Release Drug Aids Walking in MS

Humans Beat Stroke Scales for ICH Prognosis

Alemtuzumab Extension Shows Durable MRI Effects in MS

Low Vitamin C Linked to Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Cheap Drug Improves Social Function and More in Autism

Pain Perception Linked to Genes

Aerobic Exercise Preserves Cognition in Nondemented Elderly

MS Drug Aids Walking in Rare Condition

‘Sensory Tricks’ in Dystonia Examined

Vitamin D Analog Fights MS Fatigue

Narrow Arteries Could Cloud Mind

Scans Rule Out Alzheimer’s

Stroke Age Disparity Growing Among Races

Autopsy Confirms Negative Florbetaben Scan Excludes Amyloid

Adding Estriol Reduces MS Relapse Rate

Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis Linked to Cognitive Impairment

120-Week Results Still Favor DMD Drug

Seizures Common After Stroke

Emerging Fungus Found in New York State

Good Early Results for HERV Suppressor in MS

Stroke Survivors Failing Health Measures

CSF Tau May Help Diagnose ALS

Exercise Might Slow Cognitive Decline

MIRROR: Threshold Identified for Ofatumumab Therapy in MS

Light Therapy Effective for Daytime Sleepiness in PD

Gabapentin Enacarbil Benefits Patients With Severe RLS

Beyond MS, Cannabis Unproven in Neurology

DMD Drug Results Still Equivocal

Study Suggests Targeting B Cells May Help with MS

Novel Agents for Migraine Prevention Look Good in Phase 2

Higher Mortality in Patients With Nonamnestic MCI

What’s Hot at AAN 2014?

Meeting Showcases Neuroscience


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