The new formulation of abobotulinumtoxinA (aboBoNT-A) solution is ready-to-use, cutting down on injection preparation time and increasing injection reproducibility. In addition, they combined data from 2 Phase III studies to better understand how to treat moderate to severe glabellar lines (GLs).

Researchers (ILA) and subjects (SSA) participants evaluated the severity of GL following double-blind therapy with 50 U aboBoNT-A solution (n=251) or placebo (n=123). Time to onset, satisfaction, the facial asymmetry scoring system (FACE-Q), and adverse events were also measured. 1 month after aboBoNT-A solution treatment, 88% had none-or-mild GLs at maximal frown, and 93% had more than equal to 1-grade improvement in ILA (same for SSA), 24% to 27% continuing to improve at Month 6. Glabellar line responder rates remained greater than placebo during Month 6 (P< .001). 

Approximately two-thirds of participants reported an onset within 3 days, with nearly a quarter noting an effect on Day 1. Subject happiness with GL appearance and FACE-Q satisfaction with facial appearance overall and psychological well-being were also increased over placebo during Month 6, p less than .05. Adverse effects caused by the treatment were minor and easily treatable. The pooled research showed that the effects of an aboBoNT-A solution on GLs lasted for up to 6 months, with rapid onset (within 24 hours), high subject satisfaction, and enhanced mental health. In addition, the treatment was well tolerated.