Photovoice is an action-oriented qualitative method involving photography and story-telling. Although photovoice yields a powerful form of data that can be leveraged for research, intervention, and advocacy, it has arguably been underutilized within HIV research. Online, asynchronous photovoice methods represent a promising alternative to traditional in-person methods, yet their acceptability and feasibility with key populations and people living with HIV (PLWH) have yet to be explored. The current study describes the methods and evaluation of an online, asynchronous photovoice project conducted with 34 members of key populations and PLWH in Malaysia in 2021. A HIPAA-compliant website incorporating a series of instructional videos was created to facilitate participant engagement and data collection. Quantitative and qualitative indicators suggest that participants found the project to be highly acceptable and feasible. Online, asynchronous photovoice methods hold potential for increasing the scale of this powerful and versatile qualitative research method with key populations and PLWH.
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