The main objective of this study is to understand the Play out a requirements appraisal by assessing precision of PICU supplier bedside ultrasound estimation of femoral vein width preceding usage of the catheter-to-vein proportion for focal venous catheter size choice. PICU supplier estimation of femoral vein distance across by bedside ultrasound is erroneous when contrasted and master reference estimation.  A majority of patients would have a catheter-to-vein ratio greater than 0.5 using either age-based central venous catheter size selection criterion (14/27) or the provider bedside ultrasound femoral vein diameter measurement (18/27).

Focal venous catheter size determination dependent on age or PICU supplier femoral vein width estimation can prompt a catheter-to-vein proportion more noteworthy than 0.5 and conceivably increment the danger of catheter-related venous thromboembolism. Organized bedside ultrasound preparing with appraisal of precision is important before usage of venous thromboembolism decrease endeavors dependent on catheter-to-vein proportion suggestions.

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