Collective interest in global health training during U.S. Ob/Gyn residency has grown over the past decade. Benefits of participation in global health electives have been well described. This review seeks to determine what literature exists regarding use of ACGME Milestones in Ob/Gyn residency as an assessment tool for evaluation of global health programs. The PubMed database was queried from July 14, 2020 through August 20, 2021 using 6 search phrases: “global health curriculum(s) and ACGME”, “international health and ACGME”, “global health and Ob/Gyn residency”, “international health and Ob/Gyn residency”, “global health and Ob/Gyn residents” and “global health curriculum(s) and Ob/Gyn residency”. Publications that described global health programming outside of residency, within other medical specialties, and/or at non-U.S. institutions were excluded from this review. A total of 259 publications resulted from the preliminary search. Five articles described U.S. global health residency training in Ob/Gyn in some capacity. Only one publication described a specific global health elective and its evaluation with respect to ACGME Milestones. Despite growing popularity of global health electives amongst residency programs, few are assessing the educational value of these offerings using ACGME Milestones or describing these efforts in the literature.
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