New research is being presented at ACS 2013, the American College of Surgeons 2013 Annual Clinical Congress, from October 6-10 in Washington, DC.

Meeting Highlights

No Weekend Effect With Appendectomy

Examining Hospital Readmission Rate Data

A Laparoscopic Approach to Colon Resection


News From the Meeting

Clinical Congress News –Sunday/Monday Issue

Study Examines Surgery Risks in Stented Patients

Sentinel Lymph Node Staging Is ‘Not One Size Fits All’

University of Michigan Surgeon Brings Minimally Invasive Operation to Nicaragua

Colon Polyps in Elderly Patients Are More Likely to Develop in Areas Seen Only with Colonoscopy

Patients with Poor Nutritional Status Before Bladder Cancer Operation Have a Higher Risk of Postoperative Complications

Surgeons Report Two New Approaches to Lessen Postoperative Pain and Reduce Use of Prescription Painkillers

Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy May Not Significantly Increase Life Expectancy in Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Researchers Identify a Protein that May Predict Who Will Have Thyroid Cancer Recurrence

Amniotic Stem Cells Show Promise in Helping to Repair Cardiac Birth Defects

Hartford Consensus Group Issues a Call to Action to Reduce Death Toll Among Mass-Casualty Victims


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