Cutaneous leishmaniosis (CL) transmitted by the bite of infected female phlebotomine sand flies endemic in many parts of rural and urban areas of Kashan, central Iran. Rare systemic allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis can occur in response to the bites of mosquitoes. In 2019, the patient was a 20-yr-old woman referring to the Health Care Centre in Kashan, central Iran, and complaint of symptoms allergic. After receiving anti-allergic drug therapy a month, skin lesions appeared on her forehead, forearm, and right arm. The disease was diagnosed with positive CL by direct smear. Her lesion treated with systemic meglumine antimonate (Glucantime®) (1.5 g/5ml/week) for seven-week. In conclusion, CL, as a public health problem, especially for travellers and patients with allergies to insect bites, is the most common in endemic areas. It guides us to consider the control programs of this disease, and much attention should be given to improve the environmental conditions for vector-borne control and public health education for personal protection.