New research is being presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 73rd Scientific Sessions from June 21-25 in Chicago.

Meeting Highlights

Predicting Type 1 Diabetes

Training Fat to Be Good

Wide-Ranging Benefits of Intensive Type 1 Diabetes

Achieving Lifestyle Changes in the Unmotivated

Mixed Results With Lifestyle Intervention for Obese Diabetics

News From the Meeting

The Socioecological Determinants of Pre- & Type 2 Diabetes

Help Calls: Two Weight-Loss Trials Support a Role for the Humble Telephone

Night Hypoglycemia Cut as Artificial Pancreas Inches Closer

Telephone Targeting of Urban Poor With Diabetes Drops A1C

Could Some ‘Normal’ BMIs Reduce Life Expectancy? 

Triple Therapy for New-Onset Diabetes: A Paradigm Shift?

Pregnant Moms Gaining ‘Adequate’ Weight Can Offset Kid’s Future Metabolic Risks

New DCCT Data: HbA1c Matters Today, Tomorrow, and 20 Years On

CV Deaths Highest Among Rural Diabetics

Psych Drugs Take Toll on Insulin Before Weight Gain 

Weak Support for Carb Counting in T1D

Bile Acids Affect T2D After Bariatric Tx

Kids’ Diet May Impact T1D Damage

New CVD Predictor in Diabetes Found

CV Risk and HbA1c: Search Continues for Key Cut Points, Subgroups

Cheiroarthropathy in Type 1 Diabetes Common, Underappreciated

Bariatric Surgery Risky for Diabetic Eyes?

ORIGIN: No Increase in Cancer With Insulin in Dysglycemia

ACCORD: Insulin Dose Not Responsible for Increased CV Mortality Risk

Hypoglycemia Still Poorly Controlled

Smart Phone Can Track Blood Sugar

New Type 2 Drug May Work in Type 1 Diabetes

Time Since Diabetes Dx Key in Adherence

Mental Decline Quicker in T1D


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