ADA 2014

ADA 2014
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Andy Skean

Associate Editor
Physician’s Weekly


Andy Skean (click to view)

Andy Skean

Associate Editor
Physician’s Weekly


New research is being presented at ADA 2014, the 74th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, from June 13-17 in San Francisco.


Meeting Highlights

The Effects of Diet on Diabetes Risk

Diabetes Missed in Many Asian Americans

Can Hepatitis B Vaccination Prevent Diabetes?

Long-Term Effects of Diabetes Prevention

Is It Depression or Diabetes Distress?


News From ADA 2014

Weekly GLP-1 Agonist Matches Daily Victoza in T2D

Targets Tightened for Kids’ Type 1 Diabetes

Canola Oil Cuts Heart Risk in Diabetes

Victoza Lowers Glucose in Genetic Form of Diabetes

Baby Formula Doesn’t Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

New Rivals to Top Diabetes Drug Lantus Show Promise in Studies

Combination Diabetes Drug Effective After 1 yr-Study

Depression Predicts Type 1 Diabetes Death, but Hope Prevails

First-Ever ADA Guidance Specifically for Type 1 Diabetes

“Bionic Pancreas” Works for 5 Days in Outpatient Settings

Statins Not Cost-Effective for Many Newly Eligible Patients

Sulfonylureas May Up Fracture Risk in Diabetes, Along With TZDs

Girl Power: Islet Transplants from Women Donors Work Better

Is Celiac Screening for Kids With Type 1 Diabetes Adequate?

ACC/AHA Lipid Guidelines: A Step up in Diabetes Care, or Not?

Lipid, Blood Pressure Guidelines in the Spotlight

Insulin Analogs: Is Benefit Worth Cost in Type 2 Diabetes?

Cutting-Edge Science Tops ADA Agenda in San Francisco


More From ADA 2014



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