The Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes clinical practice guideline has been updated for 2022 by the ADA and published as a supplement to the January issue of Diabetes Care. Boris Draznin, MD, PhD, and colleagues on the Professional Practice Committee conducted a systematic review of the literature and graded the scientific evidence to update the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes. Updates and additions to the 2022 report include guidance on first-line therapy determined by comorbidities and a recommendation for initiation of screening for prediabetes and diabetes for all people at age 35. Changes were made to gestational diabetes mellitus recommendations, including when and who to test. In addition, recommendations were updated on technology selection, based on individual and caregiver considerations, ongoing education relating to device use, continued access to devices across payers, support of student use of devices in schools, use of telehealth, and early initiation of technology. “The evidence for the prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications is constantly evolving and it is crucial we do our best to keep medical professionals informed on best practices and medical advances in the field of diabetes,” Robert Gabbay, MD, PhD, chief scientific & medical officer at the ADA, said in a statement.