In asthma, personalization of the medication by addressing treatable characteristics is becoming more important. In personalising asthma treatment, ethnicity has implications on many of the biological and behavioural traits. In light of current international migration trends which result in unprecedented ethnic heterogeneity in many geographical regions, this review has special relevance. This study looks at the effects of race in three main areas: biological characteristics, behavioural characteristics and behaviour. ethnicity affects the biomarker benchmark spectrum, drug therapy reaction and asthma phenotypes in athmic biology. The effects of ethnicity on psychosocial welfare, adherence and asthma self-management affect behavioural characteristics. Ethnic communities also suffer in terms of access to health services and contact with healthcare.

There ought to be concerted steps to resolve emerging behavioural and health-care-influenced challenges. Further research is needed to explain the effect of race on asthma pathology, in particular the interaction between genetic and environmental impacts on asthma and the difference between asthma and asthma therapy.